Warrior 10 Week Transformation Program

$35.00 / week for 10 weeks


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Welcome to our brand new Warrior 10-Week Transformation Program! This is for a team of Fathers and Bros who are taking charge of their health, fitness, and nutrition!! We know great results are just around the corner for you! The program is designed to shrink overall body fat, and tighten, tone, heal, and restore alignment to your core to give you a flat strong core, and of course, build some muscle! Once a week we target the CORE, 3 days a week we smash a home dumbbell workout & three times per week hit a Fat Burning Full Body Home Workout, and I help you with all things to do with muscle gain, shredding & your health! Average weight loss is between 10-30kg if you follow the plan, and amazing measurement loss - just check out the photos I post! Its kinda amazing You get the 8-week meal plan too with new meal ideas added daily to incorporate so you're never bored!