Vegetarian – Fat Burning Meal Plan For Women 70 – 80kg


Attention: This is an add-on option for the ‘Fat Burning Meal Plans’.

To utilize this add-on, you must be following one of the ‘Fat Burning Meal Plans’ listed below as your base

🌱 Introducing the Fat Burning Ninjas Vegetarian Meal Plan Add-On: Fueling Your Transformation, Naturally! 🌱

Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Embrace the power of plants with our specially crafted Vegetarian Meal Plan, designed to align with the values of camaraderie, determination, and personal evolution that define the Fat Burning Ninjas community.

Why Choose the Vegetarian Meal Plan?

  1. Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Soul: Our meal plan is more than just food; it’s a pathway to holistic well-being. Created by our expert Ninja Masters, it focuses on mental fortitude and emotional balance, ensuring that you’re not just feeding your body but nourishing your entire self.
  2. Unity with Nature: Align your diet with the principles of empathy and unity that our community cherishes. By choosing plant-based options, you’re making a compassionate choice that resonates with the collective motivation that fuels our group’s drive.
  3. Optimized for Performance: This isn’t just a vegetarian meal plan; it’s a tool for transformative growth. Packed with nutrient-dense foods, it’s designed to fuel your workouts, aid recovery, and help you reach your fitness goals.
  4. Accountability and Support: Just like every challenge in our community, you won’t be alone on this journey. Our Ninja Masters will provide invaluable guidance on nutrition, ensuring that your vegetarian journey is impactful and aligned with your fitness goals.
  5. Celebrate Every Victory: Whether you’re a seasoned vegetarian or just starting, every step is a victory. Share your journey with fellow members, and let the rich emotional ties of our community bolster your determination.

Join Us Today!

The Fat Burning Ninjas Vegetarian Meal Plan is more than a diet; it’s a lifestyle choice that reflects the essence of our community. Embrace the power of unity and shared objectives, and let’s flourish together.

Take the leap and fuel your transformation naturally.

You must be following the correct Fat Burning Meal Plan For your weight class in order for this add-on to work


  • Select a meal plan weight class from the list above
  • BREAKFAST – follow breakfast menu as per your Ultimate Fat Burning Meal Plan
  • LUNCH – you must REPLACE Lunch from your current Ultimate Fat Burning Meal Plan with one of the three options below for a vegetarian option
  • DINNER – you must REPLACE Dinner from your current Ultimate Fat Burning Meal Plan withone of the three options below for a vegetarian option
  • You can eat ALL snacks in the Ultimate Fat Burning Meal Plan as per normal.

“If you really want something, go hard and you’ll get it! It’s that simple.” – Tumehe


(This is just an example of the types of foods on the plan. The amounts will vary drastically based on your tailored weight category)