Fast Food – Fat Burning Meal Plan For Women 80 – 90kg


We understand that sometimes ya gotta grab a feed on the run 🏃! Finding kai that fits the Ninja lifestyle can be a mission, but together, we’ll sort it.

The idea of these add-ons is not to encourage you to eat these types of foods all of the time, but to give you perfectly calculated options when the situation does arise. It will fit perfectly into your daily calorie allowance, so you will not have to feel guilty (if you stick to the options provided) and you will continue to lose weight and tone up.

You must follow The Ultimate Fat Burning Meal Plan For your weight class in order for this add-on to work
You must skip AFTERNOON SNACK and DINNER on the original meal plan and instead choose ONE of the options to continue to lose weight and tone up.

“If you really want something, go hard and you’ll get it! It’s that simple.” – Tumehe

Examples of Meal Plan Options

(These options are just an example of the types of foods on the plan. The amounts will vary drastically based on your tailored weight category)

McDonalds Examples

Burger King Examples

KFC Examples

Subway Examples