Fast Food Add-On For Men 50-60kg


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You must follow The Simple Fat Burning Meal Plan For Men of the same weight category in order for this add-on to work, please purchase from HERE

We do not encourage nor endorse the consumption of fast-foods. By purchasing this add-on you agree that you are aware of the health risks involved, and you agree that consumption of any of these foods that lead to any harmful consequences will be completely your own risk and Fat Burning Ninjas ltd is hereby free of any liability, responsibility or legal action in relation to any of your food choices.

The idea of these add-ons is not to encourage you to eat these types of foods all of the time, but to give you perfectly calculated options when the situation does arise. It will fit perfectly into your daily calorie allowance, so you will not have to feel guilty (if you stick to the options provided) and you will continue to lose weight and tone up.

This Add-on only provides options for the following Fast-Food places: McDonald's, Burger King, Hungry Jacks, KFC, and Subway