7-Day Fat Loss Meal Plan


Time to ditch the fad diet trends, expensive pills and shakes, and instead, learn how to fuel your body on real, whole foods, and lose weight in a maintainable and sustainable way! Take your pick of any option for each meal (there are 3 options for each meal)  – choose any one of these traditional versions, but you can mix up your breakfast/lunch/dinner options depending on your hunger levels! We recommend you eat as late in the day as you can – so you get a longer fasting period in.

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Our meal plans and live shot daily guided home workouts, are calculated and delivered very carefully to ensure your body is receiving all of your daily macro-nutrients and energy requirements. This means there is no counting calories on your behalf, no feeling hungry, just good food, great recipes, and easy to follow advice and support. You will feel fueled, and energetic, clear-headed and those cravings and emotional issues around food will be left in your dust. 

You really can lose the excess weight you have been battling with while toning and strengthening the entire body, seeing results in the first week! In order to lose weight, the most basic principal is we first need to get into a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is basically eating fewer calories than you will burn, ideally every day. You can do this by either eating less or burning more calories by moving more. We target both on our plans. 

Now, it's important to note that not all calories are created equal! You can't expect your body to fire as well on 100 calories of sugar, compared to 100 calories of grilled fresh fish, or 100 calories of avocado. Choose naturally grown whole foods as often as you can. Good on you for getting proactive and joining us!