No more sitting on the side lines.  Health disparities between Maori & Pacifika people is markedly worse than the general population of New Zealand.  

This needs to change.

We have created a community, heavily dominated by Maori and Pacifika people who are banded together by a joint committment to transform their lives (Physically/Mentally/Spiritually/Emotionally/Socially).

Fat Burning Ninjas started initially as a desperate pledge to help save those closest to me, until it grew into what has now changed the lives of thousands within our community.  I have made it a core principal of mine to personally extend this opportunity to those in need.  The very groups who give back so much to the community but yet are still accepting far less for their own personal health and wellbeing.

In our culture, we tend to show love to others more than ourselves.  This is such a strength and a beautiful way to bring a community together, so why not use this strength to help each other achieve our health goals?

The key to weight loss motivation and transforming our health within our community is not necessarily as easy as saying you need to love yourself more.  Our cultural strengths are love, connection and giving, this is what we are motivated by.  What if you had a safe space to give your love, encouragement, vulnerability and support, where these very efforts are acknowledged and rewarded?

Fat Burning Ninjas is founded on this value.  Your support and encouragement of one another is fostered every single day on this platform, like no other.  I can promise you that.

We implement motivation hacks from multiple angles, to help you succeed in smashing your personal goals:

  • Cash Giveaways
  • Live video chats with Master Shredder
  • Endless support and motivation from fellow ninjas
  • Weekly & Monthly competitions
  • Endless Tips & Tricks videos
  • 500+ online home workouts (no equipment needed)

We are breaking barriers on the daily and welcome you to join us FREE for 30 days in our 30 Day Transformation Program

I urge you to give this a go, it's free, no credit card required, totally risk free.  

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

About the Author

Tumehe Rongonui

"Kia ora, I created Fat Burning Ninjas over a decade ago to transform my own mind, body & soul.  I have personally lost 22kg in 28 days (This is an extreme example, because I am an extreme person lol) using the training techniques you'll be doing if you join me.  

I've been helping thousands of people transform, all for less than $2.50 per week.  The hundreds of testimonials speak for themselves, this."

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    1. Kia ora Ninja

      Here is my offer…….

      🎉7-Day Trial: Fat Burning Ninja Transformation: Body 💪| Mind 🧠| Soul 🕊

      After your trial, the cost is cheaper than half a cheeseburger per week! Lol. A community of people are ready and waiting to 👏 love & support you seriously!

      All we ask is for your commitment – show up for them everyday because we pledge to show up for you! 💯

      Your daily home workouts 🏋🏠 begin with just 5 mins per day, no equipment needed. Low impact options for older, injured, or less fit peeps.

      Join the 28 Day competition 🏆 if you want – it's optional. The entry fee starts at $1 💵 and ALL the prize money goes to one person who supports the most ninjas and overall best transformation as voted by ALL ninjas!

      Current prize pool is OVER $1k!

      Commit wholeheartedly for the next 7 days, and I promise, you'll find $9.99 p/month is a steal for the value you'll receive! 🤯💥

      So, how does that sound? 🤔💭 Any questions, just let me know!

      More info here ➡ 🚀

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