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Daniel Trueman gains a 6-pack

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Physical Benefits

  • Obliterate fat from around the stomach
  • Gain muscle & burn fat at the same time
  • Tone, heal, and restore alignment to your core  
  • Give you a flat strong core & build a real 6-pack
  • Learn how to eat for long-term fat loss & health
  • The program is designed to shrink overall body fat
  • Average fat loss is between 10-30kg if you follow the plan
  • Tone-up the chest arms & shoulders to get that athletic warrior look
  • Feel fit, strong, healthy, full of energy, enthusiasm, vitality, vigor and life.
  • Increase heart health, lowering the risk of heart disease.
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of diabetes.

Mental Benefits

  • Learn how to give up all the things that are holding you back 
  • Overcome fears & learn to adapt mentally to tougher situations 
  • Learn how to love hard work, diligence, adversity and resistance
  • Learn to push yourself beyond anything you've ever done before
  • Learn how to do whatever it takes to overcome mental blockages
  • Take on a brutal rigorous training regime like it's a walk in the park 
  • Achieve a better, brighter, happier and stronger version of yourself
  • Get more out of life by learning how to take yourself to a new level
  • Create a new warrior within yourself to overcome any challenges in life. 
  • Learn how to gain what you've never had by doing what you've never done
  • Basically go from being a pussy (in terms of the way you think about yourself) to being an absolute beast that can achieve anything.

Workout Format

3 x Resistance Training's p/wk

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, I run live-shot resistance training's. You can use dumbbells, cans of food, bottles of water, bags filled with shopping or use the gym if you want to.

1 x Abdominal & Core Training p/wk

Every Thursday Professional Core Expert, Kylie Davis gives us a core workout that will strengthen, tighten and shred the abs, get ready for the burn & get ready to finally get that 6-pack

3 x High Intensity Training's p/wk

Every Tuesday, Saturday, & optional Sundays, we burn as much fat as possible using High Intensity Interval Training, workouts are brand new, fresh & fun every week

Contact me anytime through Live voice-chat app

Get a walkie-talkie app which means you can contact me whenever you need me!

With this tool we are able to voice chat or text chat as-live and make any changes to your diet your training as you go through the program to ensure absolutely bullet-proof results.

Any questions that you have about your journey you can ask me 24/7 (other than when I'm sleeping lol you will get snoring as a reply)

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10 week warrior nutrition plan

You'll receive a tailored 10 week warrior nutrition plan that will give you the energy, power and strength to fuel your workouts, increase energy, vitality, overall health and of course turn your body into a fat burning ? machine. 

This nutrition plan will ensure all physical aspects are covered for a speedy metabolism, gut health, increased protein synthesis for muscle building and of course to satisfy your hunger.

This meal plan is calculated and delivered very carefully to ensure your body is receiving all of your daily macro-nutrients and energy requirements. This means there is no counting calories on your behalf, no feeling hungry, just good food, great recipes, and easy to follow advice and support.

You will feel fueled, and energetic, clear-headed and those cravings and emotional issues around food will be left in your dust. You really can lose the excess weight you have been battling with while toning and strengthening the entire body, seeing results in the first week!   

In order to lose weight, the most basic principal is we first need to get into a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is basically eating fewer calories than you will burn, ideally every day. You can do this by either eating less or burning more calories by moving more. We target both on our plans.

Now, it's important to note that not all calories are created equal! You can't expect your body to fire as well on 100 calories of sugar, compared to 100 calories of grilled fresh fish, or 100 calories of avocado. Choose naturally grown whole foods as often as you can. Get on board and this meal plan comes as part of the warrior package.