Ninja Sulu (Our Rock) found FBN three years ago, at a time when he was striving for a healthier lifestyle amidst a stressful job 🏋️‍♂️💼. He fell in love with our home-based workouts and structured routines 🏡🔄, even seeing the perks during the lockdown.

Over two months, he lost 14 kgs, a testament to his dedication and our program's effectiveness 🏆.

Life happens, indulgence took over, but he's now back, stronger and more determined 💪🥦. His trust in FBN stems from our tried and tested workouts, the supportive community, and the promise of all-round health ✅💖.

We're thrilled to have him back and ready to smash his goals again! Let's do this, Ninja! #FBNJourney 🎉💥🙌

About the Author

Tumehe Rongonui

"Kia ora, I created Fat Burning Ninjas over a decade ago to transform my own mind, body & soul.  I have personally lost 22kg in 28 days (This is an extreme example, because I am an extreme person lol) using the training techniques you'll be doing if you join me.  

I've been helping thousands of people transform, all for less than $2.50 per week.  The hundreds of testimonials speak for themselves, this."

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  1. I've tried so much weight loss programs what's wrong with me? I used to be a comfortable size 10, 12 all my life and then 7 years ago was diagnosed with schzioaffective disorder and meds, I put on so much weight!! I've been a size 18 since then!! I need help!! Fast!! Now!!

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