Stop Right There! 

Your Weight Loss Journey Will Never be the Same Again! 

Are you tired of trying to shred those extra pounds without success? 😓 Exhausted by trying to prioritize yourself, but feeling guilty because you naturally care for others more? Well, what if I told you that you could harness this selfless trait for a more effective weight loss journey? 💡

Forget about the traditional weight loss approach. Your selflessness and ability to care for others is your greatest asset.  

We've discovered that those who support and inspire others within our community find the most motivation, leading to astounding success in their own journeys. 🏆

Think about the impact you have on the lives of people around you.💭 What if you were able to Inspire friends, family, and even your own children, proving that they can also conquer their goals. 💪 Proving anything is possible.  It's true that others can find hope in your journey. 🌈

But what if you can't find someone to support right away? No worries! 😊 Our Fat Burning Ninjas community is teeming with like-minded individuals, all working together to overcome obstacles, share victories, and provide motivation. 💥 It's like a never-ending fountain of inspiration! 🌊

Join our FREE 7-Day Trial: Fat Burning Ninjas Transformation: Body 💪| Mind 🧠| Soul 🕊 to see the incredible difference this community-driven approach can make.  Watch and experience increased energy levels, happiness, motivation, and fulfillment!🚀 

And the cherry on top? 🍒 Shredding that extra weight and achieving your goals become a natural byproduct of your involvement in this incredible cause. 💖

What are you waiting for? 🕑 Try it today - absolutely free for 7 days and zero risk. Dive into an ocean of motivation and transform your life ⏳ The clock is ticking... let's go, Ninja! 🏃‍♀️💨

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About the Author

Tumehe Rongonui

"Kia ora, I created Fat Burning Ninjas over a decade ago to transform my own mind, body & soul.  I have personally lost 22kg in 28 days (This is an extreme example, because I am an extreme person lol) using the training techniques you'll be doing if you join me.  

I've been helping thousands of people transform, all for less than $2.50 per week.  The hundreds of testimonials speak for themselves, this."

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  1. Tēnā koe Tumehe 😁🥰. What a beautiful kaupapa you are promoting & endorsing! Blemin amazeballs e hoa! I have wondered what you've been getting up to! I would love to be part of your kaupapa e hoa and the fact you re doing a free sign to awhi our tangata is even more fantastic!
    Ka mau te wehi e hoa! Ka nui te mihi ki a koe me tō rāua tima Kaimahi. Kia ora rawa atu koe me koutou katoa 😊🥰💯💪🏾
    Reeheekoo 👊🏾❤️

    1. Tēnā koe Messina, e te Ninja! Chur 4 da awesum wurds, u rock! 🔥💯 Jump on board, we'll burn fat 2getha & unleash our innr ninjas! 🥋🔥🙌 Ka pai te mahi, my fierce ninja! 👊🏾💥❤️


  2. Kia ora tumehe I've been looking for ninjas for ages i use to be 1 back in the ra loved this and now I'm gonna join it again nga mihi

  3. Tena koe Tumehe, far this sounds to good to be true, all these blinkin weight loss apps and other weight loss programs always comes with a price $$$$…
    If you can make a change in me or with me in 30 days for free then who am I to say No….
    I would love to be apart of this kaupapa….

    1. Tena koe Nelly!! I respect your reply. Because you have just answered my call! I promise that if you commit yourself to the other ninjas and help inspire them to be the change you want to see in yourself, then in the next 28 days your life will turn upside down! Leeeeeeeeeshgooooooooo Ninja!

  4. Kiora I'm new at this and I need motivation to lose weight in 30 days It will be amazing if I can keep up for 30 days

    1. 🎉Congrats on taking the first step, ninja! And, well if you follow these steps I promise you will have the motivation for 30 days!

      The next step is to join the 28 Day competition. Click here 👉

      Second step: Show up every day 🗓️ (in the comfort of your own home 🏠 or anywhere you want) to do the daily workouts 💪. Follow the workout videos 📹 and do as much as you can.

      Third step: Post a picture 📸 as proof that you've completed each daily workout. Share how you feel 😊 or 😞 that day and your current challenges 🏋️‍♀️. By doing this, you allow all the other Ninjas to jump in and love ❤️ and support 👏 you through every single day.

      Remember, the more you give 🎁 to this community, the more transformation 🦋 you'll receive in your own life.

      Does this make sense? Are you willing to complete these steps?

    1. That's the attitude Priscilla!

      Remember if you are willing to give what you have…….

      Your vulnerability, your willingness, your daily sacrifice of 5 min workout per day.

      Then post up your pic of proof everyday, you will receive all the motivation and encouragement you need!

      I promise! But you MUST to do your part! Leeeeeesgo ninja! 💪 💪

  5. Tēnā koe Tumehe, I have been looking for some weightless options and your video came in to my YouTube notifications e reri ana ahau…free 30 days, you got me at "Hello!":)

    1. Tena koe te rangatira, kua rangona nei te karanga, ki te hunga e mate ana. E kore au e mate, ka mate ko te mate! Ko tatou te iwi maori tera! Kia meinga tatou kia pera! Tihei Mauri Ora!

  6. Kia Ora Tumehe, I had a glimpse at some of your exercises, wow weee I know I can't do some of them. So, are there alternatives or do I just try my best to do it?. That's the only thing that's stopping me doing this.

  7. Kia Ora Tumehe. I’ve been looking for this, a home grown weight loss kaupapa and the bonus is it’s free. I’ve tried and failed over and over. I really hope this will be the one to motivate me to finally achieve my goal for myself and my family.

    1. Tena koe Memory I have written you a personal welcome to our community, here it is:

      Kia ora, Memory! 👋🌟

      Firstly, he mihi nui ki a koe! Your korero touched us deep, it's so cool to see you reaching out and seeking that positive change. Your tenacity and wairua is clear, e hoa! 🙌💖

      You've got this, Memory! 🦾💪 Remember those netball days? The basketball, softball, and even that hint of rugby? Yeah, we remember too, and that powerhouse is still YOU! You've shown that despite hurdles, you've got that resilience! Your whanau and mokopuna are watching and you're gonna show 'em how it's done. How exciting is that? 😄🌈

      In our whanau here at Fat Burning Ninjas, we support each other to become the best versions of ourselves. Just like ninjas, we're all about stealth, agility and strength. 💃🏽💥But most importantly, we laugh along the way and keep it fun! So, let's get ready to chuckle, chuck those kilos, and do a couple of (metaphorical) backflips together, alright? 😆🎉

      Looking forward to this journey with you too, Memory. Remember, you're not alone in this. We're in this together, every step of the way. 💜🤗💪 Nga mihi nui ki a koe.

      PS: This took me a hundreds years to write, because you are worthy! You are worthy to be here my Ninja, So Welcome! 💜🤗💪

      Your next mission should you choose to accept is:

      1️⃣ Invest at least $1 minimum, to secure your Spot for the next competition starting June 5th 💸🏆 👉

      2️⃣ CRUSH todays challenge 🏋️‍♂️ ⚡ 👉

      3️⃣ Share your post-workout sweaty, gross, disheviled picture-of-proof on today's post 🤪

      4️⃣ Live the ninja code: uplift others! Share kind words in our community.

      Bonus: our meal plans are currently on special for $5 if you need to get nutrition on track 🍲 🍌🍉🥕🍞 check them out here – 👉

      Do you accept these terms ninja!? 💪 😬 🔥 🙌 😁 🤪❤️👊💯 👈😎 🎉.

      M .S

    1. Tēnā koe Tamoe

      Awesome to hear you are interested! 💪 😬

      😊 It's FREE for 30 days, no credit card needed! 💳❌ There are people waiting to ❤️ and support you, seriously! 

      All you need to do is commit yourself to showing up for them everyday because I promise that we'll show up for you! 💪 😬 🔥

      And if you want to stay after 30 days, the cost is less than a ☕ per week! ($2.50 p/wk charged monthly)

      The 28 Day competition is optional to participate, minimum entry fee is $1 & ALL the prize money goes to 1 x male & 1 x female winner with best results, info here –

      If you commit wholeheartedly for the next 30 days, I swear that you will think $2.50 per week is too cheap for what you will receive! 🙏 😬 

      How does that sound?

      Sign up here if your happy 😊

  8. I am keen. I have gotten a bit lazy. Few things going in my life, but I am ready for a change.

    Thank you

    1. Chur ninja! 💪 We all get lazy and we all have alot goin on in our lives, the only difference is that we share it with one another and it makes life & getting in shape waaaaay easier! 💪

      Hey Ninja! 💪

      I hear you and I’ve got the perfect solution. Jump in on our FREE 30-Day Body, Mind, Soul Transformation + FREE Meal Plan!

      Learn more 👉

      After the trial, it’s less than your weekly ☕. Join our community and let’s crush those goals together!

      Ready to be a true ninja? 🏋️‍♀️💖

  9. Hi Tumehe..
    I'm really struggling with weight loss and motivation at the moment..I would love to try and move something off me in 4 weeks please.. you're so inspiring!!!

    1. Hey Ninja Phyllis! 💪 You are very kind!

      I hear you! It just so happens that weight loss and motivation are the 2 things we spealize in and I’ve got the perfect solution.

      Jump in on our FREE 30-Day Body, Mind, Soul Transformation + FREE Meal Plan!

      Learn more 👉

      After the trial, it’s less than your weekly ☕. Join our community and let’s crush those goals together!

      Ready to be a true ninja? 🏋️‍♀️💖

    1. Yes of course we can help you lose weight, that's actually the easy part believe it or not!

      🎉FREE 30-Day Total Transformation: Body 💪| Mind 🧠| Soul 🕊️
      + FREE Meal Plan 🥗🍲🍓

      Hop on board here ➡️ 

      After your trial, the cost is as little as a ☕ a week! A community of people are ready and waiting to 👏 cheer you on and offer their support, seriously! 

      All we ask is for your commitment – show up for them everyday because we pledge to show up for you! 💯

      Your daily home workouts 🏋️‍♀️🏠 begin with just 5 mins per day, no equipment needed. 

      Join the 28 Day competition 🏆 if you want – it's optional. The entry fee starts at $1 💵 and ALL the prize money goes to one male and one female winner with the best results. 

      Commit wholeheartedly for the next 28 days, and I promise, you'll find $2.50 per week an absolute steal for the value you'll receive! 🤯💥

      So, how does that sound? 🤔💭

      For more info, click here ➡️ 🚀

    1. Chur my ninja! The path is narrow, yet with the aroha and tautoko and support of our ninjas, I PERSONALLY PROMISE YOU that you WILL reach your goals! But you must first sign up with us and then simply introduce yourself, and watch that aroha flow in immediately, it will fill your wairua with hope, and will give your body energy to move, I swear you will turn into a Fat Burning Ninja!

      So try us out for free for 7 days, just sign up here –

      Any patai please email me

      Nga mihi

      Master Shredder

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