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Ninja Miia Overcomes spinal injuries and Builds Holistic Health

🔥💪 Meet Mia, one of our dedicated #FatBurningNinjas! Joining us to improve her fitness while managing spinal injuries, she found a program that could be customized to her needs, starting from just 5-10 minutes a day.

Now, she's up to 20-25 minutes daily, five days a week 🏋️‍♀️⏰. But the greatest surprise? The incredible community she discovered within FBN. This online platform became a space of support, encouragement, and connection that she hadn't found elsewhere 🤝💖.

With the flexibility to exercise safely at home and the priceless camaraderie from fellow ninjas, Mia has found more than just a fitness regimen. It's a holistic journey into physical, mental, and spiritual well-being 🧘‍♀️🌈. Affordable, supportive, and comprehensive - she urges anyone on the fence to give it a shot! #FBNJourney 🎉🙌💥

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Ninja Sulu Experiences  LIFE-LONG  Transformative Weight Loss

Ninja Sulu (Our Rock) found FBN three years ago, at a time when he was striving for a healthier lifestyle amidst a stressful job 🏋️‍♂️💼. He fell in love with our home-based workouts and structured routines 🏡🔄, even seeing the perks during the lockdown.

Over two months, he lost 14 kgs, a testament to his dedication and our program's effectiveness 🏆.

Life happens, indulgence took over, but he's now back, stronger and more determined 💪🥦. His trust in FBN stems from our tried and tested workouts, the supportive community, and the promise of all-round health ✅💖.

We're thrilled to have him back and ready to smash his goals again! Let's do this, Ninja! #FBNJourney 🎉💥🙌

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Ninja Sid Loses 16.7kg in only 28 Days!

We've got a real treat for you. A special video from none other than Ninja Sid a.k.a The weetbix King! 🤴🥣

In this deeply personal video, Sid shares his unique journey and the incredible impact it has had on his life. 

He talks openly about how FBN has helped to significantly changed his lifestyle for the better.
Don't miss out on this inspiring story! Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer on our platform, there's a lot to learn from Sid's experiences.

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30 Seconds of Ninja Weight Loss Testimonials

Prepare to be inspired as you witness the incredible transformations of our ninjas on our program.

Their stories will leave you in awe...

The best part? It's less than the price of a cup of coffee per week! 

So ask yourself, what is your health truly worth?

Take the leap, watch this 30-second video, because trust me, there will be no going back.

Your journey to a healthier, fitter you starts now! 💪🔥🎥

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Ninja (Aunty) Kat’s Transformation 

Real ninja stories!

Ninja (Aunty) Kat began her transformation journey with Fat Burning Ninjas in 2014, achieving significant physical results and gaining a supportive whānau 🤝. Fast forward to 2023, she's back on the FBN wagon, inspired by her past transformation. But this time, she found a deeper purpose: it's not just about physical changes but an inner, holistic transformation - spiritual, emotional, and physical self-connection 💖.

Despite a lifelong struggle with obesity due to childhood trauma, Ninja Kat's been turning things around over the past 10 months. She credits FBN for helping her mentally prepare for this journey and aiding her in finding balance in life 😊. With strong support from Master Shredder, his wahine, and her own family, she's not just existing but truly living life 🎉. For her, the transformation journey is all about self-love, self-drive, and the joy of inspiring others 🚀.

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