🔥💪 Meet Mia, one of our dedicated #FatBurningNinjas! Joining us to improve her fitness while managing spinal injuries, she found a program that could be customized to her needs, starting

Ninja Miia Overcomes spinal injuries and Builds Holistic Health

Ninja Sulu (Our Rock) found FBN three years ago, at a time when he was striving for a healthier lifestyle amidst a stressful job 🏋️‍♂️💼. He fell in love with

Ninja Sulu Experiences  LIFE-LONG  Transformative Weight Loss

We've got a real treat for you. A special video from none other than Ninja Sid a.k.a The weetbix King! 🤴🥣In this deeply personal video, Sid shares his unique journey

Ninja Sid Loses 16.7kg in only 28 Days!

Prepare to be inspired as you witness the incredible transformations of our ninjas on our program.Their stories will leave you in awe...The best part? It's less than the price of

30 Seconds of Ninja Weight Loss Testimonials

Real ninja stories!Ninja (Aunty) Kat began her transformation journey with Fat Burning Ninjas in 2014, achieving significant physical results and gaining a supportive whānau 🤝. Fast forward to 2023, she's

Ninja (Aunty) Kat’s Transformation 

Introduction Master Shredder, also known as the "Fat Destroyer," recently released a compelling video that delves into the importance of community and accountability in one's fitness journey. The video is

Unlocking the Secret to Lasting Fitness: Master Shredder on Why Community is Key

Introduction Suuup, Ninjas! It's me, Master Shredder aka The Fat Burning Sensei, aka The Fat Destroyer! lol If you've been following our journey, you know that Fat Burning Ninjas is

The Power of Community: How Doing It for Others Transforms Your Own Journey

The narrative surrounding intermittent fasting (IF) often centers on its potent impact on weight loss and metabolism. Yet, a lesser-discussed, equally vital benefit of this dietary strategy is hunger regulation.

The Secret to Overcoming Hunger

💪🔥 Hello, fat-burning ninjas! Ready to master the stealthy art of fasting?Fasting - it's our secret ninja weapon to fitness and longevity! 🕰️🎯🏋️‍♂️ Why, you ask? Fasting offers your body

The ninja-like art of fasting

No more sitting on the side lines.  Health disparities between Maori & Pacifika people is markedly worse than the general population of New Zealand.  This needs to change.We have created

Our people are dying

Unleash Your Inner Fat Burning Ninja & Embrace Your Unique Journey and Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!In a world saturated with images of "perfect" bodies, unrealistic beauty standards, and constant

The perils of comparison: Why it’s time to break free

Stop Right There! Your Weight Loss Journey Will Never be the Same Again! Are you tired of trying to shred those extra pounds without success? 😓 Exhausted by trying to prioritize yourself,

Motivation Hack

The age-old question remains: should you count calories? 🤔Some argue that calorie counting provides structure, increases awareness and mindfulness, supports weight loss, and enhances accountability.Others argue that it can be

Calorie Counting

Reduce calorie intake through dieting. This can be done by cutting out high-calorie foods, eating smaller portions, or following a specific diet plan.Increase physical activity through exercise. This can be

3 Proven Tips for Rapid Weight Loss